Bardia National Park


Enjoy the wildlife sanctuary and dramatic scenery as you pass the traditional village life in the pristine air of Bardia National Park.

National Park is one of the finest and largest wildlife reserve in Nepal that has been a haven to various rare species of animals and birds. It lies near the southern border in the far north west region of Nepal and covers an area of around 968 sq. km. Lying on the low land of Terai, the national park forms a transition between plains of India and outer foothills of Himalayas. The vegetation in the national park varies from lush dense forests to grasslands, woodlands and riverine which makes it favorable home to diverse range of faunas found in various kinds of vegetation.

Bardia National Park is amongst one of the less explored wildlife sanctuary where wilderness and challenges are found in abundance. The national park which was once a hunting reserve has now been turned into a wildlife reserve. It is an unspoiled and untouched habitat of wildlife that holds a pride of treasuring largest population of Bengal tigers in Nepal. It also provides shelter to some endangered species of animals likes Rhinoceros, Gharial crocodile, Tiger, Wild elephant, Swamp deer, Gangetic dolphin, Bengal florican, Sarus crane, etc. Apart from wildlife, it is a home to over 350 species of beautiful birds.

The Himalayan Thar, a rarest animal and the only living member of genus Hemi Tragus was recorded as seen in this reserve. Besides, a distant cousin of a wild goat which was confirmed as extinct animal was spotted here. This also proves how well preserved this reserve is. There might still be many unique species of animals stored out in this national park; and who knows you might be the lucky one to spot them?


Outline Itinerary
Day 01 : Fly to Nepalgunj
Day 02 : Explore Bardia National park
Day 03 : Visit Karnali River for Dolphin sightseeing

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